• Sat
    14:00 - 16:00Southern Ukulele Store


    We're so happy to announce that one of the most talked about and reminisced about instores of years past will be repeated in October 2017, on Saturday 21st .

    Craig and Sarah are coming back!  One of the most intuitive and telepathic duos, their complimenting styles interweave seamlessly to create a total experience way larger than the sum of its parts; Craig's infectiously bubbly and fun style marries perfectly to Sarah's jazzy melodic style. I defy anyone not to smile when they hear these two doing their thing!

    Check their website out here.

    As with all SUS instores, this event will be free of charge, but you MUST drop us a line by email or phone us on 01202 430820 in advance to reserve places. Although you will not be turned away if you do not, you may well have to stand!